Structural Steel

Every structure is only as strong, durable and sustainable as its structural support. Structural steel is preferred by majority of construction contractors as an option to RCC (reinforced concrete cement) structures owing to the superior strength to weight ratio that structural steel has. At Rush steel, we take your structural needs very seriously and work together with you to develop structural steel solutions that offer the following advantages:

  • Reusable bolted parts that have value at the end of the structures lifecycle
  • Provide a speedy project turnaround time by integrating the design and fabrication process
  • Accelerated integration through onsite assembly and easy integration with existing structures
  • Sustainable upgrades through legacy options that allow the design and structure of the building to be easily modified over time
  • Easy integration of new technologies such as the just-approved asymmetric beams and bi-steel products
  • Reduced foundation costs owing to the reduced weight of the framing structure and the increased bay sizes
  • Structural steel also increases usable floor space through reduced column sizes and longer spans
  • Decreased carbon footprints with 90% natural resource conservation through use of recycled steel and 20% less embodied carbon as compared to concrete only or concrete and steel framing structures

As experts in structural steel design and fabrication, all our products are shop fabricated to ensure the highest strength possible. We understand the multiple requirements that building contractors have to juggle while determining which building solution to implement. Give us a call today and let us discuss your construction requirements and the best-fit solution for your structural framing needs.

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