Steel erection is an integral part to any large-scale building project and that is why it pays to work with an erection partner who not only has the technical capability to get the job done, but one that also has the capacity to do so. Erection jobs require very high levels of competency and safety and at Rush Steel, we have differentiated ourselves in order to provide our clients with the best possible service delivery requisite to their needs.

Our competencies in steel erection include:

  • Remedial onsite works and welding jobs
  • Structural steel erection deployments including multi-storey ICI structures, as well as complex structures such as arenas, among others

When it comes to large projects, we also understand that getting the best possible service is not just about steel structures but also other support services. With this in mind, we adopt an approach that creates the most value for our clients and increases the overall value preposition to our clients. Our post-project support is one such value addition approach that allows our clients to handle all post-project mission-critical requirements with ease while maintaining smooth transitions and handovers.

Our comprehensive array of tools and equipment also enable us to augment this onsite support through timely and effective project interventions in the event that additional services are required. Getting the job done right is often something most attempt to do; we on the other hand take that statement a step further, we get the job done right, the first time round.

Our Services