Architectural Steel

Beautiful building designs are mostly achieved through exceptional architectural steel structures. The fact that steel has the double advantage of acting as main support structure as well as offering aesthetic attributes has made it a popular medium for architects. But that is just half the story. Getting architectural steel structures designed, built and installed to building code standards requires a trusted and experienced partner.

At Rush Steel, we have a team of creative, dynamic and skilled designers and engineers who can work beside you to create the beautiful results you envision. Working with latest technology and CAD applications, we can get your project started as quickly as you can email or deliver to us your designs/concepts.

Understanding that beauty comes secondary to safety, Rush Steel also works within stringent OBC requirements so that your completed structures can pass building codes and be successfully commissioned.

Some of our architectural steel capabilities include:

  • Various metal railings e.g. stair railings, rail components, and custom railings
  • Disability accessibility ramps
  • Cast iron restorations for historical structures
  • Wrought iron deployments
  • Custom-made ornamental architectural steel structures

When it comes to aesthetic architectural steel designs, our philosophy is threefold; reliability, creativity and resourcefulness. Working with us allows you to free your creativity without having to worry about technical specifications or other structural matters. Give us a call today and let us partner to bring your creative ideas to life.

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