Miscellaneous Metals

At Rush Steel, we provide advanced custom miscellaneous steel design, fabrication and installation services catering to a wide range of industrial as well as commercial projects using carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized, if required by client. Taking the time to work on each project individually, we never consider any miscellaneous metal project too large or too small for us.

With complete computer-aided engineering capabilities, we are able to undertake projects that range from purely functional designs such as stairs and railings, pipe bollards, lintels and catwalks to aesthetic installations such as park benches, grating, church cupolas etc.

Reliability and Experience Deliver Exceptional Results

Rush Steel engineers and designers have the necessary expertise and experience to not only create and deliver the sort of results your project requires but also act as a key resource point for all existing and new customers. Backed by this repository of skills and experience, the whole process of your design, fabrication and installation project runs smoothly and effectively.

Our experience spans close to eight years with a cumulative engineering track record of over twenty years and this offers all our customers the confidence of knowing they are working with a partner who will support them all the way.

Custom Miscellaneous Metals As well as off-the-shelf Time Critical Designs

We also understand that sometimes the construction requirements may involve immediate time-critical miscellaneous metals deployments and that is why we have both custom and off-the-shelf steel products. Our custom designs are mostly for novel ideas that may require customized fabrications. On the other hand, off-the-shelf products include standard steel products such as lintels, bearing plates, safety nosing, stair treads, pipe sleeves, bollards, safety railings and so on.

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